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Groundhogs & Valentines
Emergent Reader Set

Emergent Reader Sets include reproducible blackline masters for six titles, in two sizes each:  Big Book/Shared Reading size and Student Book/Guided Reading size.  Titles included:
Valentines ~ Five Little Groundhogs ~ Sunshine ~ 1, 2, I Love You ~ Groundhog ~ My Book Of Hearts

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Want immediate delivery?

Only $20 ~ no shipping charges

$20 + $5 shipping

  February 2006
Thematic Pack

8 reproducible songs & poems
+ a new Emergent Reader and a
Bonus Black History Month Big Book

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African-American Inventions
emergent reader

Themes include:
February ~ Abraham Lincoln - Valentine's Day ~ Groundhog Day ~ Dental Health ~ African-American Inventions

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Only $10 ~ no shipping charges

$10 + $2 shipping

February 2005
Thematic Pack

8 reproducible songs & poems
+ a new Emergent Reader

Themes include:
Groundhog Day ~ Valentines ~ Presidents Day

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Want immediate delivery?

Only $10 ~ no shipping charges

$10 + $2 shipping



Valentine, Valentine,
Gooshy, gooshy, goo!
Valentine, Valentine,
I love you!
Be My Valentine
Tune:  Clementine
By Victoria Smith © 2006

Oh friend of mine, best friend of mine,

Won’t you be my valentine?
Oh friend of mine, best friend of mine,
Won’t you be my valentine?

I made a special card for you,
With glitter, lace, and glue.
I addressed it “From Me To You,”
And I signed my name in blue.

I licked the envelope and I stamped it,
Then I mailed it straight to you.
And I sure hope, once you read it,
You will say you love me, too!

By Victoria Smith © 2006

I made five valentines today.
I’m gonna give them all away.
The one I made for Mom is pink.
The one for Dad is blue.
My sister gets a yellow one,
With lace and ribbons, too.
The one I made for you is red.
You’re my best friend, you know.
I even made one for my dog
Because I love him so!

You're my rainbow.  You're my star.
You're my bright red cookie jar.

You're my goldfish.  You're my pie.
You're the apple of my eye.

You're my daisy.  You're my vine.
You're my own true valentine!
Tune:  Jingle Bells
Innovation by Victoria Smith © 2006

I'll wrap myself in paper.
I'll dab myselpan> I'll seal me tight with string and tape.
I'll use yellow ribbon, too.
I'll climb into the mailbox
And mail myself to you.
Valentine Snowman

I made a snowman yesterday,
So jolly, fat, and fine.
I pinned a red heart on his chest
And named him Valentine!



Here is a valentine,
I made it just for you.
With paper and ribbons
And lots of Elmer's Glue.
I cut it with my scissors
And made it pretty with my paint.
If I tell you that I love you
Do you promise not to faint?
Tune:  Row Your Boat

Love, love, is all around,
It will grow with you.
Show it, tell it,
Feel it, share it.
Make it part of you!
Five Little Valentines

Five little valentines, just for you.
The first one says:  "My love is true."
The second one says:  "You have my heart."
The third one says:   "Let us never part."
The fourth one says:   "Won't you please be mine?"
The fifth one says:   "Until the end of time!"


I Love You!
Tune: Three Blind Mice

 I love you!  I love you!
Yes, I do.  Yes, I do.
I love you every night and day.
I love you when I work and play.
I love you in so many ways.
I love you!

A Valentine For You
Tune:  Farmer In The Dell

A valentine for you.
A valentine for you.
A valentine, a valentine,
A valentine for you.
Be Mine
Tune:  Pop Goes the Weasel

Here's a special card for you.
Will you please be mine?
It's filled with hugs and lots of love.
Oh, won’t you be my valentine?

1, 2, 3

Let's count valentines.
One, two, three.
Let's count valentines.
You and me!
Let's count valentines.
Four, five, six.
Let's count valentines.
Match and mix.
Let's count valentines.
Seven, eight, nine.
Let's count valentines.
I'm glad you're mine.




Valentine's Day Sight Word Vocabulary
am be can Dad
have her here him
I is like love
made make me mine
Mom my send she
to want will you
More Valentine's Day Words For Writing
mother father sister brother
friend always let's best
forever mail mailbox  






Valentines & Groundhogs Quilt

The students traced hearts with a cardboard template, and decorated them
with strips of construction paper cut with "fancy" crafts scissors.

Patchwork Hearts & Penguins Quilt

The students used foil wrapping paper to make nine inch patchwork hearts using the pattern below.  The penguin patches are handprints and the large penguins below the quilt are a TLC project ... check out the TLC website for great directed art activities.

Finished patches mounted on ten inch background squares.
For additional pictures of my February quilts,
please visit the InMyRoom photo pages



Valentine Collages
Colored Tissue Paper over construction paper, with fun and fancy stuff glued on.




Making Extra-Large Valentines
Matthew would rather use the glue than eat the cupcakes at our Valentine's Day Party.

These pictures were taken in February 2001, which means these cute little KinderKids are now great big Fifth Graders ... yow!




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