Reproducible Mini Books
for Emergent Readers

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Using Reproducible Mini Books

Teaching reading is next to impossible without LOTS of small books to give to my students.  No matter how good your reading series, nor how many books you have in your classroom library, you still need mini books for your students to keep in their bookboxes in the classroom or to take home for their private library.  Either way, the point of mini books is to give your students the repeated practice they need to build fluency.  And in many classrooms, these are the only materials available that are appropriate for emergent readers -- the basal series is just too hard, and doesn't give us the tools we need to bridge the gap between non-readers and beginning readers.

A lot of people on the KinderKorner Mailing List have been asking about inexpensive reproducible blackline books to extend their classroom materials for emergent readers.  Here are some of the things I do with mini books in my classroom, to get more mileage from my materials:

 Now That I Can Read

     I used to need somebody
     To sit and read to me.
     I'd look at every page they read
     And listen carefully.

     But now that I am in first grade,
     I'm filling up a shelf
     With stories, poems, and other books
     That I can read myself.

Reproducible Mini Books & Phonics Manipulatives

25 Emergent Reader Mini-Books

Wonderful K-1 books for emergent readers, in the same format and size as "My Books" in Scholastic's Literacy Place series.  Terrific thematic beginning readers to use all
year long.

20% off Scholastic's price

25 Holiday & Seasonal Emergent Reader Mini-Books

This volume adds another 25 books to your reading library.  Charming child-sized 8 page books that help your budding readers feel success!

20% off Scholastic's price

Look, Look,
I Wrote a Book!

28 reproducible minibooks for kids to personalize with their own words and illustrations. These delightful thematic books reinforce basic concepts, put songs and poetry into print, and are ideal for sharing at home and for reading time and again.


26 Interactive Alphabet
Pre-emergent readers will love completing the pages as they practice handwriting, begin letter collections, and more.

20% off Scholastic's price

Guided Reading Books for the Emergent Reader

21 reproducible blackline books that make great Family Literacy Homework.

25 Mother Goose Peek-a-Books

More mini books using familar text and easy patterns for emergent readers.

20% off Scholastic's price

Collaborative Math Books for Your Class to Make and Share

Easy Patterns for Creating 12 Rhyming Books That Build Early Math & Literacy Skills
This book is intended for making class big books, but can also be used for designing individual or collaborative group
mini books.

20% off Scholastic's price

Write-And-Read Math Story Books:
Reproducible Patterns for 12 Interactive Books
That Build Early Math and Reading Skills

This terrific book was released in May 1999,
and by the end of June had sold over 630,000 copies at Amazon alone!  Scholastic says: "Students fill in numbers, words, and pictures for personalized math tales about counting, addition, subtraction, shapes, time, money, fractions, and more."

20% off Scholastic's price

15 Reproducible Write-And-Read Books
Instant Patterns for Easy Predictable Books Your Students Help Write!

Kid friendly topics include shapes, opposites, numbers, colors, and more.

20% off Scholastic's price

25 Science Mini-Books
Teach science as you build literacy with these fun books with flaps and doors.
Emergent readers for integrating your science curriculum with reading.
You can use these small books for Guided Reading, too!

20% off Scholastic's price

30 Collaborative Books for Your Class to Make and Share!

Easy Patterns & How-To's for Creating a Year's Worth of Thematic
Rhyming Books

20% off Scholastic's price

Fun Phonics Manipulatives ~ Quick and Easy Flip Books, Pull Throughs,
and Interactive Mini-Books to Make and Share
Learn letter/sound correspondence and develop a strong sight word vocabulary with these adorable pull-through phonetic pals, predictable books, and flip-books.

20% off Scholastic's price

Turn to Learn
Alphabet Wheels
26 Ready-to-Go Reproducible Patterns
That Put a New Spin on Learning the Alphabet
20% off Scholastic's price
Turn to Learn
30 Ready to Reproduce
Wheels for Cross Curricular Hands-On Learning!

Colors, animals, counting, and more


I like books
I really do.
Books with stories
And pictures, too.

Books of birds
And things that  grow
Books of people
We should know.

Books of animals
And places, too,
I like books
I really do!

Ready-To-Go Reproducibles ~ Fun Phonics Cut and Paste

Publication date is
July 1999

Advance orders accepted and paid when shipped.

20% off Scholastic's price

Ready-to-Go Phonics
Games, Manipulatives, Activities, and Rhymes That Make Teaching Phonics
Easy and Fun!  Ready-to-use and reproducible activities, including Vowel Cheer rhymes and games like alphabet Tic-Tac-Toe, Digraph Puzzlers, and Vowel Pick-and-Peek
Great in centers or for independent work.
Ready-To-Go Reproducibles ~ Fun Phonics Mini-Books

Publication date is October 1999

Advance orders accepted and paid when shipped.

20% off Scholastic's price

25 Spanish Emergent Reader Mini-Books

One of Scholastic's most popular sets of blackline books, now available in Spanish for ESL students.

20% off Scholastic's price

25 Bilingual Mini Books
Easy to Make Books for Emergent Readers, in English and Spanish

These wonderful books have the text in English and Spanish on each page.  Perfect for ESL students and Dual Immersion classrooms, or for teaching cross-cultural awareness along with Spanish vocabulary to your English speaking students.

20% off Scholastic's price

15 Reproducible Spanish Write-And-Read Books
Instant Patterns for Easy Predictable Books Your Students Help Write

Another popular set of books from Scholastic, now available in Spanish.

20% off Scholastic's price

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My bookstore pages have lots of information on how I use various materials in my classroom, and on activities you can do with your students.  The thematic pages are complete unit resources, with lots of poems, songs, and links on each page.  Make yourself comfortable and take a look around!

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