Going Buggy!

Here are suggested books and website links, along with songs, poems, and activities I've used in my classroom.  Feel free to use anything you find on this page in your own class, and please be sure to put the author's name on any poems or songs that you reproduce.  If you have any terrific songs, poems, or website links, send them to me at kinderkorner@aol.com and I'll add them.

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The Ants Came Marching ...

We started our insect study at the beginning of March.  Our first project was setting up our own ant farm in a large glass jar.  We collected red fire ants from the playground and carefully moved them to their new home (filled with about 4 inches of sand we collected while scooping them into a large cup).  Our ants seem very happy and are busy building hills and tunnels, and they don't seem to mind all the curious eyes that are watching them.  We're busy reading all of our wonderful ant books, many of which are listed below.  Enjoy!

Ant Homes Under the Ground ~ Teachers Guide
An integrated GEMS unit for young children
Great Explorations in Math and Science
The Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley
20% off publisher's price

The publisher says:  "Ant Homes Under the Ground features playful activities for young children, ages three to six, that delve into many aspects of these ubiquitous and fascinating social insects.  Students learn about ant body structure, jobs, and homes by observing ants in nature and in an ant farm. They role-play ants following a scent trail and dragging food through a tunnel-like structure. A large Ant Nest poster, included with the guide, is assembled in stages to highlight tunnels, ant food, social structure, and life cycle. A culminating cooperative logic game called "Fill the Hill" brings together knowledge the children have gained with stimulating mathematical and cooperative skills."  Curriculum includes: Ant Body Structure, Feeding, Life Cycle, Defense, Cooperation, Communication, Social Behavior, Community Jobs, Number Sense, Pattern Recognition.  Highly Recommended!

Antics! An Alphabetical Anthology
A word-play alphabet book
Under $4

There's An Ant in Anthony
A great way to introduce work chunks
before sending your students on a word hunt.

One Hundred Hungry Ants
by Elinor J. Pinczes
IRA/CBC Children's Choice winner

The Magic School Bus Gets Ants in Its Pants
also available on video

Ant Cities ~ Lets Read and Find Out Books
A Reading Rainbow selection
Perfect for beginning readers.
Under $4

The 512 Ants on Sullivan Street
Hello Math Reader, Level 4
Counting ants by doubling numbers
gets kids to big numbers fast!
Under $4

Thinking About Ants
One of our favorite books, with tons of ant facts!
30% off publisher's price
Also available in paperback, as a special order item

The Little Red Ant and the Great Big Crumb
A Mexican Fable
Under $5

Hey Little Ant
an outstanding story about ethics and peer pressure ...
to squish or not to squish!

Pet Bugs
A Kid's Guide to Catching & Keeping Touchable Insects
a great resource book!

More Pet Bugs
A Kid's Guide to Catching & Keeping Insects
And Other Small Creatures

Ant Links

Debbie's Unit Factory ~ Ant Links
great info here plus free activities

Food Fit For An Ant
science experiment

Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms
Outstanding Lesson Plans, Information Sheets,
and info on catching and raising insects
from the University of Arizona

Little Me in a Big World
first grade science lesson with emphasis on self esteem
University of Arizona

My Family and Me
third grade lesson with emphasis on family health and family life
University of Arizona

And Facts and Myths from Orkin
I learned that worker ants can live for seven years!

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